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Boots and George:A Memoir
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SynopsisThe title is "Boots and George: A Memoir." The title characters are both cats. Boots is an older male, and the actor who plays him plays other roles thruout the play. George is a younger female and also plays multiple roles. Structurally it is a play and a monologue. Boots is a play in two acts, roughly an hour and fifteen minutes long, about a man in his mid-20s (Winston) who returns home after spending a short period in prison in Texas for kidnapping his baby son from his ex-girlfriend. He decides to set down roots, get married and get a steady job, and fight her for custody in court. The problem is that his widowed mother wants to sell the house so she can live with her new gentleman friend and his best friend wants to marry the same girl he has pegged to be his bride. Winston puts his plan in motion and screws everyone and everything up. He scares off the realtor and her prospective buyers. He fights with his kid brother who comes back from college to talk some sense into him on behalf of their mother. He cheats with his best friends girlfriend and encourages his drug habit, which ends up costing the poor guy his life. And while he claims to be interested in taking care of his younger brothers' cats while his brother is away in college, he turns out to be a poor cat-sitter and George runs off and Boots dies while chewing on a live electric wire. Finally at the end, he realizes that he has been mistaken all along and has something of an epiphany, brought on by the sound of his brother's distinctive laugh. George: A Memoir is a fifteen minute (mostly) comic monologue delivered by Winston about rescuing George from the streets of NYC over a Thanksgiving weekend when she was left behind as the family moved from the city to their new house in the suburbs. It's quite funny and illuminates the main play. In the old days they used to have "curtain raisers"---this is kind of a curtain dropper. It's a play about rebellion, about moving from rebellion to something more constructive, about a person's slide into degeneracy and his moral regeneration.
InformationAdult ThemesSwearingNudityComedy
Cast4 m, 3 w--all in mid-20s (1m/1f can be a bit older) (minimum 7)
Boots, a male cat George, a female cat Winston, a young man Rudy, a young man Luce, a young lady Addie, Winston's mother John, Winston's brother 2 prisoners* A real estate agent* a married couple* Judge Fuchs* A Mailman* *these are all doubled and trebled.
Productionanything from full cluttered American living room to a pared down set with cubes and light.
StatusAvailable for performance
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Sun, 19th Jun 2005 01:05arthurTo judge from your synopsis, read some decent plays & study de-construction before finding what you and your audience really care to see on stage/screen. Best of luck.
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Scott Gerschwer was a founding member of the lexington lab, a theater groups associated with Ensemble Studio Theater founder Curt Dempster. The NYC-based company created works of pure theater along with more conventional plays. He is the author of 8 one acts and three full-length plays, all quite funny and some equally dramatic.

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