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Mother Goose
AuthorPEARCE, Robert - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisA one-act, four scene retelling of the traditional Mother Goose pantomime. Caught in a battle of wills Fairies Virtue and Vanity choose Mother Goose to settle an argument about the human race. Will poor Mother Goose be tempted to give up her best friend for a life of wealth and beauty; or will she resist temptation?
InformationSuitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to perform
Cast2M/2F (minimum 4)
Mother Goose (male, dame, older) Colin Goose (male, comic, younger) Fairy Virtue (female, any age) Fairy Vanity / Jill (female, under 30)
ProductionThe script is written to suit a performance with minimal scenery and props.
StatusAvailable for performance
Available on ScriptCircle: (for other licences please contact the Author)
Amateur PerformanceUp to 300 seats. EEC Countries.£15.00 per performance
Performance Company and Venue:

Performance Dates:

Number of Performances:
Amateur PerformanceUp to 600 seats. EEC Countries.£30.00 per performance
Performance Company and Venue:

Performance Dates:

Number of Performances:
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Robert Pearce

Hello, I am a professional actor with a lot of pantomime experience. I have recently started writing pantomime scripts for professional and amateur use and now have several titles available for your company to perform. Titles already available include: 'Sleeping Beauty', 'Dick Whittington', 'Aladdin' and 'Mother Goose'. They are available at competitive and negotiable rates that include filming rights. I would be very happy to discuss writing a new script to the specific needs of your company, or to adapt a title that I already have available. Several of my scripts have already been performed, with great success, by holiday parks, amateur and semi-professional groups across the UK. For more information about myself and my career please visit, or follow me on Twitter: @AnActorPantos I look forward to hearing from you!!

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