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Peter's Dream
AuthorPASSMORE, Keith - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisThis fascinating story revolves round the wicked deeds of Marmaduke St. John Silas in his attempt to steal the fortune bequeathed to his nephew Peter Tarrant, the corrupt lawyer Blenkinsop who hides the fortune in a strongbox in a tunnel under his offices and the fantastic dream which enables Peter to acquire what is rightfully due to him. Or was it a dream? There are a number of amusing and interesting characters in this play for performance by or to children.
InformationSuitable for under 16s to perform
Cast10F,14M (minimum 20)
Peter, Jenny-early teens, Nick -16, Marmaduke - Middle aged, Blenkinsop- 30s, Jenny - early twenties, Slug, Mocker and Sniffer - late twenties to thirties, Maggie and Nanny- late fifties, Old Man - sixties (considering life expectancy in 18th Century)
ProductionSimple set - the script provides commentary and details. Costuming should be authentic (18th Century) in order to enhance the play
StatusAvailable for performance
Contact Details: : (for other licences please contact the Author)
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Keith Passmore
Keith is a retired Drama teacher who emigrated to New Zealand in 1975.and has since lived in Auckland. He travels frequently to Europe, Asia and the USA and has a passion for France.He has written and directed a number of plays for children, teenagers and adults. He has also been an active member of amateur dramatic societies and has enjoyed a brief journey into professional theatre. However, life has not been brief and he is always searching for fresh ideas despite his age. He also submits English resources to a UK teaching organisation.

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