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How Many Beans Make Five?
AuthorCOTTAGE, Stephen - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisFour people are in a house-share situation where the action takes place. The play looks at the interaction between these very different characters and reveals what's underneath the surface by way of particular events. There is humour, philosophy, religion, a small music element, sexual fetish and a suicide, along with the question in the play's title eventually being answered!
InformationAdult ThemesMild SwearingNudityComedyTragedy
Cast6M 3F (minimum 7)
Lance – Late twenties, well-spoken, intelligent, in a world of his own. Mary – Late twenties, intelligent, serious, considerate, plain but sexy underneath. Gary – Late twenties, slightly arrogant with a wide-boy attitude. John – Twenty-five, almost completely withdrawn, a geek. Man-with-can – Fifties, scruffy, silent. Reverend Peters – Fifties, superficial, well-spoken, acting the part of reverend in life. Justine – Mid twenties, sexy, provocatively dressed, not so intelligent, oblivious and out for a good time. John’s Mum – Forties, middle-class (unseen) Nobby – Late twenties (unseen).
ProductionSimple set. Audio required for small amount of music.
StatusAvailable for performance
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