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SynopsisCapital Punishment has been re-introduced in the United Kingdom and the military have taken over responsibility for executions. As five men, who have never met before, assemble in a Holding cell, they each reflect on their current situation as they await their fate. As the final minutes slip away, they say their goodbyes as the staggered executions come and go.
InformationAdult ThemesSwearingTragedy
Cast5M 2F (minimum 7)
Chas (40's) Pete (Sixties) Josh (20's and ethnic) Chris (30's) Eddie (20's) Jenny (20's) Sue (40's)
ProductionAn open stage depicting a Holding cell sparsely littered with several chairs and two tables. The men are all wearing white coveralls and the female officers are in military uniform. Prisoner toilet facilities are off stage right. Essential props: Serviceable handcuffs and an unopened pack of cards.
StatusAvailable for performance
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Christopher Hails

Originally from the North East of England and ex RAF. All but retired and enjoying life in Cyprus. Still writing and acting. Having written over 50 plays over the last eight years, my plays are slowly coming into vogue which is not a bad thing.

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