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Under the Influence of Men
AuthorJOHNSON, James - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisDOE approaches struggling young female novelist BLAIR to ghost write a memoir on his childhood relationship with an older man - the book is written and much like other childhood memoirs is a wild success -- but an interview with journalist JULIA and a meeting with troubled pharmacist CADEN begins to unravel the fiction behind the book and it becomes clear DOE isn't telling the whole truth - but when CADEN just wants to move on and maintain and when two clown costume salesmen bond over the little bit of closure they get when FERGUS buys CARRICK a copy of THE AQUARIUM as a birthday present -- does the truth matter? Who will really benefit from such revelations? Is the twenty first century a time for redemption or shut mouths? And whether we like it or not are we all under the influence of men?
InformationAdult Themes
Cast4 Male, 2 Female (minimum 6)
DOE - male, fifties CADEN - male, thirtyish CARRICK - male, thirties/forties FERGUS - male, thirties/forties JULIA - female, twenties/thirties BLAIR - female, twenties
StatusAvailable for performance
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James Johnson
Studied at Queens University Belfast, Ireland, has worked with theatre companies around the UK and Ireland. Nominated BBC/Stewart Parker Trust Awards [Best New Irish Play]

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