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Choking the Butterfly
AuthorJOHNSON, James - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisNominated for Best New Irish Play // BBC/Stewart Parker Trust Award 2009 Teenage conjoined twins Betty and Barney are left to their own devices in an abandoned button factory after an operation to separate them. Thrown out of a cozy institution of bath times and warm needles they grew up in, they are now left with a suitcase packed with bottles of milk and cash - the land of milk and money they dreamed of as children. Betty is excited about her new existence as a singleton. Free of her parasitic twin she strides out into the world for work. Barney is smaller, weaker and as he relied on his sister for life, now that they are apart he sees death roaring towards him. Both individually meet the troubled yet charismatic Brody who introduces them to the dark underbelly of a contemporary society riddled with drugs and voyeurism. Finally set free and equipped with all the money in the world can the twins survive separately yet stay together? And after living so long without temptation what now for two teenagers who naively name themselves after a pair of cartoon characters they watch on television?
InformationAdult Themes
Cast (minimum 3)
Betty, Late Teen/Twentes // Barney, Late Teen/Twenties // Brody. Late Twenties
ProductionTinderbox Theatre Company, June 2008
StatusAvailable for performance
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James Johnson
Studied at Queens University Belfast, Ireland, has worked with theatre companies around the UK and Ireland. Nominated BBC/Stewart Parker Trust Awards [Best New Irish Play]

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