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Before They're Gone
AuthorNAVE, Paul - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisTwo lovers, Michael and Laura, finishing up dinner in a quiet little restaurant, overhear a man ranting and raving to his elderly mother about his brother who, apparently, doesn’t do anything for their mother. Not being able to take it any longer when the old lady begins to cry, Michael intervenes by giving the man a harsh reprimand that he feels may help him and his situation. After returning to his table, and Laura, who is quite upset with Michael’s actions, Michael has no choice but to tell Laura about his relationship with his parents, who are no longer living. The stories Michael tells, more than satisfy Laura, and reveal a side of Michael she’s never seen before. With the mother and son gone, Michael and Laura are the only people left in the restaurant, and decide it’s time they left also. As Michael and Laura walk, hand-in-hand, down a quaint old street, lined with old brownstones and trees, they come upon a scene they can’t believe. They see, through one of the brownstone’s windows, the old woman and her son sitting together on a sofa talking. Michael and Laura, wanting to know the gist of the conversation, hide behind a tree and watch. They can’t hear the conversation, but they don’t need to when they see the old lady and her son hug each other. Laura can’t believe, nor can Michael, that the intervention that took place in the restaurant really had an affect on the man. Michael and Laura, come from behind the tree, and continue their walk down the street, holding hands, as before, but now their steps have even more of a bounce to them.
InformationAdult ThemesMild SwearingRomance
Cast3 Male Actors. 4 Female Actors. (minimum 7)
Michael (late 40's), Laura (40), Philip (50), Old Woman (80), Waitress (20), Harry (70's), Carmela (70's)
ProductionThere are just two sets. One is the interior of a restaurant that has a few tables with checkered tableclothes, and a few chairs. It has a painted backdrop, also. Scene Two is a quaint street with a painted backdrop of brownstones and trees. There is only one prop tree in the scene.
StatusAvailable for performance
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Paul Nave
To date, I have written seven feature-length spec scripts, and five shorts. Three of my features and one short have done very well in screenplay competition. “Michael Turci,” my first screenplay, a romance/drama, was one of Ten-First Place winners in the 1999 New Century Writers Screenplay Competition. “Yardley Downs,” a light supernatural, took Fourth Place in New Century’s 2002 contest, and was also one of 406 quarterfinalists from over 1,700 submissions in FADE IN Magazine’s 2002, 7th Annual Awards Competition. Plus, “Michael” and “Yardley” were both quarterfinalists in the 2002 Writers’ Network Screenplay Competition. There had been over 2,300 entries, of which only 387 were selected as quarterfinalists. “Do What You Gotta Do,” a crime/mob drama, was one of 189 semifinalists, from over 2,100 entries, in the 2004 Writers’ Network Screenplay Competition. And my short, “Enough’s Enough,” a crime/drama, was one of 18 finalists out of 80 entries in the 2006 Gimee Credit Screenplay Competition.

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