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The Disappointed Clan
AuthorEHOH, Akuo - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
FormatOne-act. Approx run-time 45 minutes.
SynopsisThe play is set in Nsong’s beautiful home where he lives with the wife and daughter. It opens with the servant challenging his personality before two fellow villagers enter to discuss their problems and find common solutions. The conversation gains momentum when an unemployed graduate, Elume enters and subject their representative into serious questioning about his role and that of the chief in general. ‘…You promised and failed, promise and failed, a million time…..You came and said we should go back to our farms. We went, now the farms have yielded large quantities and qualities of cocoa, coffee, rubber, bananas…. All that keeps life going, yet even for our labour, there isn’t money, we who provide the fat of the land….’ His destitute old mother is aware of his plight, so goes after him. ‘…My son, my son listen to your mother….where have you seen a modern man moving naked without clothing, weary, hungry and thirsty? No person to take care of the widow. The arms of the fatherless are crushed…..The man with power possesses the land, the privilege man duels on it.’ The miserable comforter is sent away, Nsong is annoyed and vows to deal with the grumbler. The neglected and foundling Elume contemplates if he could find solace in committing suicide before the chief sends one of his Gestapo to strangle him.
InformationAdult ThemesSuitable for Under-16s to see
Cast5M, 3F (minimum 8)
Nsong (5m.30s)representative, Elume (5m, 44s)graduate, Edi (4m, 35s) Villager, Bweh Villager, Esung Old and moves bear feet. Elume's mum, Ahone Nsongs' wife, Ndobe, Nsongs' daughter and Barh Nsongs' servant
ProductionParrot in a cage, a beautiful house with kitchen and dinning table linking to the reception hall.
StatusAvailable for performance
Not Currently Available: (for other licences please contact the Author)
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Akuo Ehoh
Akuo Ehoh Born: 06/10/67 Place:Nkonhor Tribe: Bakossi Province: South West Country: Cameroon Language: English Edu:Bsc Mass Comm Esut-Nigeria Writer, poet, play wright, novelist. Residency Award: MacDowell colony U.S.A Cultural Festival Award Cameroon

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