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SynopsisThe play is a fictional evocation of the ill-starred relationship in the early 1880s etween Beatrice Potter and Joseph Chamberlain, the leading radical politician of his time. Beatrice later married Sidney Webb and the pair became renowned socialist writers and thinkers and founders of the London School of Economics. Her affair with Chamberlain is seen in flashback after Beatrice's memory is triggered by an entry in her diary. The play opens in September 1939 in the Webb's home and ends with Beatrice listening to Joseph's son, Neville, (the last person she encounters during the flashback) on the wireless announcing Britain's declaration of war on Germany.
InformationBased on real people/events
Cast3m, 1f. (minimum 4)
Sidney Webb, elderly; Beatrice Webb, (1) elderly (2) mid-20s; Joseph Chamberlain, late 40s; Neville Chamberlain, teenager.
ProductionItems of furniture required are an armchair, desk and chair, and a wireless. The 'garden' scenes require either an appropriate backdrop or back projection, a garden seat, and an artificial orchid. Recordings are needed of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announcing the declaration of war against Germany on 3rd September 1939, Elgar's Cello Concerto, sound effects of a crowd cheering and shouting, and of the chatter and laughter of people at a picnic.
StatusAvailable for performance
ISBN1 84094 365 3
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Tue, 26th Dec 2006 21:40Poppy LockWhy, i am asking why all this happens
Thu, 28th Dec 2006 10:26Qawer UnguWhy, i am asking why all this happens and happens
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