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While You're Down There
AuthorBEDFORD, Ian - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisKenny is feeling hounded by over-zealous salesmen, charity collectors, his neighbours, parents and the world in general. Barely able to keep his life together, let alone a fading relationship with his wife Susan, he is as low as a man can go. While he is down there, Kenny makes a late night drunken decision that could potentially change his life forever. In the cold sober light of day, he, along with the audience, has to decide whether he has made the right choice or not.
InformationAdult Themes
Cast6M, 6F (minimum 8)
Kenny Shankly: Working class, 30+ Susan Shankly: Kenny’s wife, Middle class, 30+ Eddie Shankly: Kenny’s Dad, Working class 60+ Maggie Shankly: Kenny’s mum, Working class 60+ Waiter: Non-speaking 30+ Frank (with Little Rusty): Ventriloquist 30+ Kenny’s ex-girlfriends (3): 20+ (could be played by 3 or 1 actress) Tradesmen (3): Any age/sex
ProductionThe play takes place in the family living room of Kenny and Susan. Although domestically decorated the room is now in a very untidy state. Newspapers, magazines and dirty crockery scattered around the room along with several empty whiskey bottles. A (2-seater) sofa sits front and a little to the right of centre stage. A low coffee table in front of sofa Drinks bar at front stage right Dining table and chairs (on *half-revolve stage left). *Some flashback scenes are played out in spotlight stage left. A half-revolve to be used – (back side of revolve will have the same wall covering as the living room and a small dining room set. The inside will be decorated for restaurant “flash-back” scenes).
StatusAvailable for performance
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Ian Bedford
My name is Ian Bedford, I write and direct my own plays for theatre. The press have in the past very generously compared me to Alan Ayckbourne. I would consider the great man an inspiration and I also always premier my work at my local theatre but personally I would compare my humour more to that of Mike Leigh. I too derive great pleasure and humour from the embarrassment of circumstance and in the more unsavoury aspects of human behaviour. My one-act plays have retained the BEST ORIGINAL SCRIPT award in the NODA drama festival (2002/2003/2004). Five of my plays are available through Jasper Publishing Ltd. I also have two full length comedies available for publication, (BRONCO THE FENLAND COWBOY, and NEVER JUDGE A BOOKIE), both premiered to a week of full-houses at the Kings Theatre in Newmarket’s Kings Theatre as did, OH, BLOODY HEALTH, 25th – 30th September 2006 at the King’s in Newmarket and WHILE YOU'RE DOWN THERE in Sept 2007. (Box Office for details of upcoming performances.: 01638 663337)

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