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Credit Crunch
AuthorHAILS, Christopher - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisWith the world's money markets in turmoil, Trevor and Julie Brown take drastic action after been made scapegoats of the banking industry. Grinding their highflying lifestyle to a standstill is the first hurdle to overcome as the bailiffs and creditors decend, leaving them nothing but memories and distress. They invite their close friends and colleagues, John and Angie Mason to move in with them after their house has been repossesed and the contents sold to pay off debts. Unfortunately the Brown's daughter, Becky and the Mason's son, Josh have been in the Amazon basin for three months and arrive home unaware that the world is in recession meltdown and their parents have been forced into demeaning employment to survive. Misprisions and misunderstandings ensue
InformationAdult ThemesMild SwearingComedy
Cast3F 3M (minimum 6)
Trevor (40s) Angie (40s) Becky (20s) Josh (20s) Julie (40s) John (40s)
ProductionA quirky adult comedy drama based on a few facts and a lot of fiction. Full production notes in the script.
StatusAvailable for performance
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CREDIT CRUNCH.docTue, 21st Oct 2008Full scriptAvailable to print: £0.00Download here
Available on ScriptCircle: (for other licences please contact the Author)
Amateur PerformanceUp to 600 seats. EEC Countries.£25.00 per performance
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Professional PerformanceUp to 600 seats. EEC Countries.£35.00 per performance
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Christopher Hails

Originally from the North East of England and ex RAF. All but retired and enjoying life in Cyprus. Still writing and acting. Having written over 50 plays over the last eight years, my plays are slowly coming into vogue which is not a bad thing.

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