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A Sign Of The Times
AuthorBIRD, John C - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
FormatOne-act. Approx run-time 23 minutes.
SynopsisThe play tackles the theme of wartime xenophobia and its effect on a family living in the East End of London during the early days of the First World War. Leo Hoffmann, the proprietor of a family bakery business and a naturalised subject of German descent, is mistakenly perceived as sympathetic to the enemy and is injured when the business is attacked and vandalised by a street mob. The play explores the differing reactions of Leo and his wife and son to the traumatic episode and the way in which they are able to come to terms with an uncertain future.
Cast3m, lf. (minimum 4)
Leo Hoffmann, late forties; Martha Hoffmann, late forties; Philip Hoffmann, early twenties; Walter Stern, late forties.
ProductionAll of the action takes place in the Hoffmann's parlour above the bakery. Items of furniture required are a dining table and four chairs, sideboard (with gramophone on top), sofa, easy chair, and coat stand. The play calls for a short recording of barrel organ music, sound effects of a fairground, and an excerpt from Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony.
StatusAvailable for performance
ISBN1 84094 329 7
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