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Ms Fortune Cookie
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SynopsisMs Fortune Cookie (MFC) is a cross-dressing fortune teller who is trying to save her business, repay 'her' loans to her business partner, and learn to love again. Her idealistic vision of becoming a psychic to the stars was crushed when see was bumped off the Oprah Show for a pet psychic. MFC began to loose interest in her business, and began to take her frustrations out on the lost souls coming to her temple 'Readings by Ms Fortune Cookie.' Her business partner and her landlord both cross-dress in an effort to help save the business.
Cast6M; 2F (minimum 8)
David Tran cross-dresses as Ms Fortune Cookie (30's) Michael Dang cross-dresses as Ma and as Ms Cotton Candie (30's) Mr. Steinberg cross-dresses at Mrs. Steinberg (50's) Martha (30's) Chance (20's) Bob (40's) Jack (30's) Judy (30') Delivery Person (20's)
ProductionSplit stage to create a waiting room on one side decorated with large pictures of Ms Fortune Cookie. The other side of the stage is the 'Temple' a/k/s the reading room. The play is produced in multimedia theatre style. (Live play; Video taped TV show at the end of ACT I that may be acted live on stage; A radio DJ intor and a radio DJ Extro; a commisioned theme song 'Masquerade' with a choreographed dance that allows for the actor to break the fourth wall by entering the seating area; All original music.)
StatusAvailable for performance; myspace.comFannyBush ; myspace.comMsCottonCandie
Available on ScriptCircle: License for the script, including the radio DJ intro and extro and the TV show 'The Turn-About Show with host Fanny Bush; all music; and the choreographed dance held by Bee Hive Head Productions, LLC. (for other licences please contact the Author)
Professional PerformanceUp to 600 seats. EEC Countries.Free
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Mary Jane 'mj' Hancock; 1965; Houston, TX. Playwright; book author, TV producer. Began her professional writing career as an intern at KXAN Channel 36 in Austin, TX. MJ holds a BS in Radio, TV and Film; Master of Arts in Philosophy; and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence. MJ practices entertainment law and is a zealous advocate for artists' control of their creation vis-a-vis the commercial exploitation of same.

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