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The Scene
AuthorBEAUMONT, Sally - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisGary and Lisa are a mismatched pair: he’s middle-aged and meek; she’s oddly charismatic. They’re also sado-masochists. After years trying for a baby, they’ve turned their attention to the BDSM Scene. But Gary fears that his wife will eventually get tired of it, and seek someone who could give her children. Gary introduces Lisa to his young friend Chris, hoping that a threesome will keep her interested. But Chris doesn’t know why he’s there or what he’s getting himself into. None of them do. A comedy: a tragedy. A play about loss and fulfillment, love and hate, reality and fantasy.
InformationAdult ThemesMild SwearingSwearingComedyRomanceFarceSurreal
Cast (minimum 3)
Gary: 40s, an accountant, a Sub. Loves his wife with a passion- terrified of losing her. Infertile. Lisa: 30s, an ex-teacher, now a housewife, a Domme. Fell in love with a nice man, but desperately wants children. Chris: 20s, a friend of Gary’s from Am Dram. Wanted to try BDSM, but is a little naïve and lazy. Went missing from his family and friends two years ago, and needs to belong somewhere.
StatusAvailable for performance
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The Scene Sample.docThu, 16th Aug 2007A short sampleAvailable to print: £0.00Download here
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Sally Beaumont

Sally started life as a performer, became a stand up and now works as a writer as well. She specialises in the extreme, be that comedy or drama, but also likes to work with subtle dialogue. If there's nothing here that fits the bill, get in contact!

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