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Bill Braithwaite's Miracle
AuthorWADDINGTON-FEATHER, John - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisWhen black sheep of the family, Bill Braithwaite, wants to return home to die from Austrlia after thirty years, he writes to his cousins asking if they will put him up till he's found somewhere to live. They want nothing to do with him - until they discover he's won a lottery and is worth £40 million. Then they all want to host him. They think they're his next-of kin and will benefit in his will to the tune of £10million each. He writes them individual letters saying what they have to do to inherit his fortune, and therein in lies the humour. All of them are rich but mean, and Bill sets them humiliating task to perform to qualify for his will. At the end there's a twist - but read the play to find out!
InformationSuitable for Under-16s to see
Cast6F 8M (minimum 14)
Ethel Smith, widow in her late forties Amy Hepplethwaite, early thirties Sir Frank Braithwaite, early fifties Jack Braithwaite, early fifties Brenda Crawford, early fifties Fred Crawford, early fifties Philip Braithwaite, late forties Fiona Braithwaite, late twenties Jess Jones.mid-fifties Sid brown, mid-forties Tim O'Leary - late forties Raymond, early thirties Betty, early thirties Sylivia, early twenties.
ProductionFour sets
StatusAvailable for performance
ISBN978 1 84175 266 2
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John Waddington-Feather
John Waddington-Feather belongs to the West Yorkshire ‘school’ of writers. His children’s novel, Quill’s Adventures in Grozzieland, was nominated for the Carnegie Medal in 1989, and his verse-play, Garlic Lane, won the Burton Award in 1999. In 2002 he was awarded the American DeWitt Romig Prize for his poetry. He co-directs the small-press imprint Feather Books and edits The Poetry Church poetry quarterly. He was the first chairman of the J.B.Priestley Society and is now a vice-president. In 1985 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Born in 1933 in Keighley, he attended Keighley Boys’ Grammar School and graduated in English at Leeds University in 1954. Over the past few years his wide range of books has attracted a growing number of readers in many countries, more recently in translation in Russia and Ukraine.

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