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A Nice Quiet Morning
AuthorROCHE, Ciarán - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisThis black comedy is set in a day room in a psychiatric hospital. The room has a sitting area with a table and chairs and a kitchen area. Dorothy plans to have a nice quiet morning and get her paper work done while most of the patients are in the therapy room. However Julia wants to dance and play loud music; Victoria and Joan are fixated on their tablets; Kate says she is in charge of all things electrical including 'current' and won't allow Mary to bake her scones with lots of 'currants'; and Vera wanders around saying 'Pardon' and quoting poetry. By the end of the play total chaos reigns!
Cast7F or 6F 1 M (minimum 7)
Dorothy ( a Nurse , could be played by a male) Julia, Victoria, Joan, Kate, Vera and Mary (patients)
ProductionTwo stage as the kitchen and the other as the sitting area
StatusAvailable for performance
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Ciarán Roche
Irish Playwright with a number of good strong one act plays available to groups

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