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The Private Tutor
AuthorBURNS, Robert - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisIan is a cynical college lecturer, who has a very rigid approach to teaching as well as life in general. Simon is an enthusiastic private tutor, who is trying to coach Elaine, a keen middle aged woman, to pass GCSE Maths Partly by means of monologues, this play follows the progress of the 3 characters for the time period starting a few weks before the exam and ending on results day.
Cast2M, 1F (minimum 3)
Ian 40s college lecturer, cynical Elaine 40s housewife, keen, well-meaning and eager to progress in life Simon, the private tutor, ideally a bit younger than the other two characters 30s or even 20s. Smooth, charming and quite romantic on the surface
StatusAvailable for performance
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THE PRIVATE TUTOR 2007.docSat, 21st Apr 2007Full scriptAvailable to print: £0.00Download here
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Robert Burns
By profession I have been a lecturer / teacher of Maths since 1980. I am a member of local Cheshire theatre group 'Cente 8' for whom I have appeared in a variety of productions since 1998. Recently I have started to try my hand at writing. My aim is for some of my plays to reflect an 'eduactional' theme. Please bear in mind I am an absolute beginner at writing so I would welcome any helpful feedback from any experienced writers out there.

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