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SynopsisA full length play ,without intermission, is set in a suburban community of eastern Pennsylvania. The entire story takes place in an abandoned wood shed, circa 1981, where the body of a 16 year old girl is left under the floor of the shed by an acquaintance who attends the same high school she does. The young man, named Andy, brings two of his close friends to view Crystal and in the process, to have them acknowledge his importance. When he returns the next day with his friends, Ralph and Joey, he discovers however that the hole under the floor is empty. Crystal reappears soiled and livid from outside. What is revealed for the next couple of days are the problems that these youngsters are forced to face which has led them to go beyond the acceptable limits of society. We see Andy, who is 17 and overweight, having a disdain for women in general and in part, for himself. We see Ralph, another 17 year older, trying to protect his feelings by building an emotional wall around himself, and Joey, who is the youngest of the three, trying to dispel the image of being a nerdy, all American boy. Finally we come to Crystal, whose severe problems at home has caused her to run away and eventually to kill herself in pursuit of love. We learn of these characters gradually as these teen's interactions portray and mirror how each of their personalities is shaped by nothing more than our society's own callous attitudes on life.
Cast3M, 1F (minimum 4)
Andy Age: 17 A little on the heavy side 5’11” to 6’ Ralph Age: 17 Medium built 5’ 9” to 5’ 11” Joey Age: 15 Well built 5’6” to 5’8” Crystal Age: 16 Attractive and senuous looking
ProductionA woodshed in a bedroom community of Eastern Pennsylvania. The walls and portions of the floor, inside, are covered with old tools, lumber, a few crates and barrels and some useless junk. Upstage right, a loft stands six feet from the floor. A ladder leans against it. Two windows are located on both sides of the shed. The door is upstage off center. Downstage left is a door trap covered by a dusty Persian rug. Downstage right sits a potbelly stove.
StatusAvailable for performance
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CRYSTAL.rtfThu, 16th Aug 2007First 22 pages of 79 pagesAvailable to print: £0.00Download here
Contact Details: JAC Publishing & Promotions P.O. Box 88 Burlington, MA 01803 Phone: 781-272-2066 Fax: 781-229-292676 (for other licences please contact the Author)
Amateur PerformanceUp to 600 seats. EEC Countries.£10.00 per performance
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Fred Rohan Vargas

Fred Rohan Vargas is the author of several full lengths, one acts and children’s plays that have been produced throughout the country. He holds a MFA in dramatic writing from New York University. Prior to receiving a fellowship for graduate school, Fred began his theatre career by starting a dance theatre company for youths that saw his fifty young performers appearing at such venues as Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall, Pittsburgh’s Performing Arts Center and Cami Hall with great jazz artists, Dizzy Gillespie and Horace Silver. Fred later became a radio announcer for WSTA in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, where he was encouraged and mentored by the late Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and screenwriter John Patrick (Three Coins in the Fountain) to become a playwright. Following his suggestion, Fred produced his first play, Why De Donkey So Stubborn and truly discovered his love for theatre. For several years Fred has been a resident playwright for Harbor Theatre, Stageplays Theatre Company, Third Step Theatre and Artist in Search of Theatre. He has received a grant by the New York State Council on the Arts Theatre Commissions along with other awards and is the author of two published plays, CRYSTAL (JAC Publishing and Promotions) and ANYTHING BUT BLACK (The Best Plays FromThe Strawberry One Act Festival). He has been listed in several editions of John Willis’s Theatre World and Songwriter’s Market. Fred is also a promising songwriter receiving “Honorable Mention Awards” by The Billboard World Songwriters’ Contest, John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Great American Song Contest and Unisong International Songwriting Contest. He has had the pleasure to record with a winning guitarist of 24 Grammy awards, Carmine D’Amico. He has served on the theatre/dance grant's panel for the Queens Council on the Arts, the panel of judges for the Daytime Emmy Awards (sponsored by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences) and the Board of Directors of the New York Children's Theatre. He is a member of The Dramatists Guild of America and American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)

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