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SynopsisA comedy drama, set in the Victorian era. A Captain in some stuffy, hidebound regiment has disgraced its rigid honour code, and is expected to do the right thing and blow his brains out with a revolver that has been purposely left for him in a room. He is about to do this, when two men who rather resemble him emerge from recesses at either side of the fireplace. They are his Good and his Bad Self. The One tries to persuade him to do the right thing and shoot himself, the other tries to talk him out of it. They argue with him and each other, and eventually the Captain listens to the entreaties of his Bad Self, discharges the gun, harmlesssly against the ceiling, opens the window and escapes by that means.
Cast5M (minimum 5)
ProductionIt is a fussy Victorian room, a table centre, a door, a window to one side that can be opened. A fireplace on the other wall, a portrait of Queen Victoria above it, and at either side of the fireplace, deep, dark recesses from which two men will emerge as the play progresses.
StatusAvailable for performance
WebsiteNot at the moment
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have had a background in engineering, food production and office work; am currently on a computer programming course. Have written short stories, essays and plays; have won prizes in literary comps in the UK and US, and I sell artworks on Ebay.

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