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Casting Shadows
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SynopsisCasting Shadows is about the relationship between four women. The play is framed by the playwright figure and is interspersed with her comments and scenes between her and one of the actors performing in the play. It is about the HIV virus and the effect one of the characters diagnosis with AIDS had on the group.
Cast5F (minimum 5)
ProductionAIDS, HIV. Fixed set, two areas.
StatusAvailable for performance
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I am a professional equity actor and freelance playwright. Currently I write and perform Theatre in Education productions for professional theatre company Third Edge Ltd. Past topics covered include Hate Crime, Bullying, Self Esteem, ASBO'S, Truancy and respect. All these performances are very interactive keeping the audience involved throughout. For my drama group I have also written scripts from The Pied Piper of Hamelin for those aged 7-11 with an adjustable case of 12-25, Gotcha! a Brecht style performance for 12-16 year olds again with a flexiable cast. I have written three full length plays, one which was short listed for the National Student Playwrighting festival, and two of which have been professionally performed.

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