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Never Judge a Bookie
AuthorBEDFORD, Ian - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisNeverJudge a Bookie is a comedy set in a High Street Bookmakers. When bookie Stan lets slip his true feelings for his unhappily married co-worker Cheryl he immediately tries to rectify the situation but isnít quite able to before the dayís regulars start to arrive in the shop. The regulars include Fiddler, a die hard gambler who insists that he has an invisible dog called Jessie. Sam, who suffers many misfortunes in life, including having a very high speaking voice. A lollypop lady, who hates kids and is always too harried to actually place a bet. Alicia and Wayne, a young couple so hung up on ridiculing the Chav elements of society without realising that they actually conform to the stereotype. Kev, a plumber seeking dating advice from his work mate, but whom only seems able to squabble with his hapless friend. In the shop also is June, aka The Duchess, she lives above the shop with Stan. June suffers from dementia and is only capable, it seems, of repeating what has been said to her already, and Rosie a brassy sandwich lady and confident of Cherylís. Never Judge contains some shocks, surprises and many laughs as we follow the group of no-hopers attempting to win us, and each other over.
Cast6 men 4 women (minimum 10)
StatusAvailable for performance
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Ian Bedford
My name is Ian Bedford, I write and direct my own plays for theatre. The press have in the past very generously compared me to Alan Ayckbourne. I would consider the great man an inspiration and I also always premier my work at my local theatre but personally I would compare my humour more to that of Mike Leigh. I too derive great pleasure and humour from the embarrassment of circumstance and in the more unsavoury aspects of human behaviour. My one-act plays have retained the BEST ORIGINAL SCRIPT award in the NODA drama festival (2002/2003/2004). Five of my plays are available through Jasper Publishing Ltd. I also have two full length comedies available for publication, (BRONCO THE FENLAND COWBOY, and NEVER JUDGE A BOOKIE), both premiered to a week of full-houses at the Kings Theatre in Newmarketís Kings Theatre as did, OH, BLOODY HEALTH, 25th Ė 30th September 2006 at the Kingís in Newmarket and WHILE YOU'RE DOWN THERE in Sept 2007. (Box Office for details of upcoming performances.: 01638 663337)

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