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The Crocodile's Porch
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SynopsisThe Crocodile's Porch is a dark comedy set in a lonely subway station at 2 a.m. At rise, we discover a woman and her bicycle hopelessly entangled in a floor-to-ceiling turnstile where she remains trapped. During the long night, in which she is robbed, molested, and left in the dark, she confronts ghosts from her past, danger in the present, and maybe love in her future. The play, which slides between reality and memory, employs a Greek chorus with attitude (made up of lost men and women who live in the subway tunnels). Each chorus member doubles in several roles throughout the play, though not in the traditional sense. Each simply takes up a prop or bit of costume and becomes whatever character the doubling requires, then returns to the chorus. The piece celebrates the determination of human will in a sometimes dark world.
InformationAdult Themes
Cast4W 3M (minimum 7)
Kate: She’s a strong, intelligent woman of 38 who has finally broken with her claustrophobic past and traveled to NYC to pursue her passion: acting. At rise she has gotten her first role, but she has also gotten herself and her bicycle inextricably tangled in the subway turnstile, where she has been molested and robbed, and where she has met an interesting man some ten years her junior. Leon: He’s a singer songwriter of 25 or so who is pursuing success in the music business. He plays guitar in the subway system for handouts while he waits for the world to recognize his musical genius. So far the world seems indifferent. He tries to help Kate. Man: He is the dark antagonist who lives deep in the subway tunnels and preys on the vulnerable. Kate and Leon seem vulnerable. Chorus: They’re a vaguely Greek chorus made up of subway derelicts, who drift out of the darkness and deliver (chant) their lines as they move in tightly choreographed patterns. They’re sometimes funny, some times darkly philosophical. Each chorus member also plays other roles outlined below. They simply assume whatever identity the new role requires, using, perhaps, a few props or even masks if the director wishes. I see them dressed in simple black: t-shirts and jeans maybe. Chorus members other than 1, 2, 3, and 4 may be added if the director wishes. Chorus 1: In addition to his role in the chorus, he plays a veteran subway cop, a 19-year-old son, a mobile home salesman, and the husband of a dying wife. He also appears as a subway passenger. Chorus 2: In addition to her role in the chorus, she plays an 18-year-old daughter, an anonymous off stage voice, and a dying wife. She appears as two different subway passengers. Chorus 3: In addition to his role in the chorus, he plays Kate’s father. He also appears as a subway passenger. Chorus 4: In addition to his role in the chorus, he plays a middle-aged passenger; Kate’s husband, Jim; Gus, a small time agent wannabe; and a priest. He also appears as a subway passenger.
ProductionA lonely subway station. Very late at night.
StatusAvailable for performance
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Tue, 18th Apr 2006 15:07Arthur Duncan (UK)Sounds Terrific. Is it adaptable to London, UK? Who is the author?
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