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Everything's Relative
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Synopsis In the midst of murder, mayhem, lechery, and greed, Randy loves Missy (who thinks she’s his sister). Wiggins loves Steffie (though he's married to Felicia), and Richard loves Callie (who happens to be his daughter-in-law). Hunter and Felicia love money (and they'll do anything to get it, including murder); the Pretender also loves money (and he impersonates a dead man to get it). Jenkins is the butler (he didn't "do it", but he knows who did). It's a comedy.
InformationAdult Themes
Cast4F, 5M (minimum 9)
Randy Seaworthy: He's late twenties, though he could be a few years older or younger. He is definitely charming, sexy, rakish. He's also an opportunist and thief, a fox who intends to make the most of his stay in the hen house. Missy Worthington: She is the missing granddaughter of Richard Worthington; she shows up at an inopportune time (for Randy). Fortunately (for Randy), she has amnesia; unfortunately (for Randy), she is later cured. Felicia Wiggins: She's somewhere in her early forties. She tries to appear prim, proper. Tries. She's really sensual (and homicidal). She's married to Wiggins. Hunter Worthington: He looks like Teddy Roosevelt, but that's where the resemblance ends. He's a bit slow to catch on, and he's amoral. He's not averse to murder, for example. He's married to Callie. Callie Worthington: Callie is pushy but attractive. She is a Worthington only by her marriage to Hunter. She's interested in a blood (or bloody) connection to the family. Wiggins: He's a small, quiet man who is interested in birds. He's married to Felicia, but he loves Steffie. He wouldn't harm a flea. His wife is not a flea. Steffie Worthington: She's somewhere in her late thirties or early forties. She's good looking and in love with Wiggins. There's a complication: Callie. Richard Worthington: He's the patriarch, who still grieves some 18 years later over the loss of his son, his daughter-in-law, and his beloved grandchildren. This changes as the situation changes. Pretender: He's somewhere in his thirties. He's a bumbling, ill prepared con man, who claims to be Richard Worthington's long lost grandson. Jenkins: He's the Worthington butler, probably an older man. He doesn't miss much. One eyebrow is almost always raised
ProductionAn elegant library. The paneled walls are filled with portraits of generations of Worthingtons. Book cases, filled with carefully arranged books, flank double doors on the upstage wall. Among other things, the room contains two couches, a leather chair, a massive desk (center) -- upon which sits a Raggedy Ann doll -- and a bar. A drapery covered window is SL. An identical window is SR. The effect should be expensive, but comfortable rather than showy.
StatusAvailable for performance
Available on ScriptCircle: This play won the Augusta Players Original Play writing Competition in Georgia (USA). A rewritten version was performed in Michigan after having won the R.J. Pickering Award for Play writing Excellence. It also had a success (for other licences please contact the Author)
Wed, 12th Apr 2006 13:09s.m.steeleIm am in the prosess of writting a play which is base on a true story about my friend who suffered mental illness and he was killed in jail in 1994,I have not wrote a script for a play befor as I am use to preforming music and writting my own songs which will be used in this play,can you give me some advice about what I am working on and the right way, as to copy rigths and the script writting and finding about getting actors,Thank you
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