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SynopsisHelen is upset about Robert, a blind man her husband Gerald has been keeping in the cellar and who Helen sees as a threat to the solidarity of the family. Nevertheless, Gerald insists Robert is quite happy and Gerald believes the threat to the family's happiness is his step-son, Sonny, an unemployed ne'er-do-well who has become involved in illegal gambling, and who, Gerald claims, has also stolen his fishing hat. While Helen feels Sonny is still young and simply needs to 'find himself', she is also worried that Sonny will discover the money she's been hiding away for the purchase of new blue curtains. Meanwhilie, Helen's daughter, Honey, the pride of the family, who shares 'half of everything she earns' with Helen and Gerald, appears alogn with her 'client.' When they learn Sonny must leave town immediately, Gerald decides to throw a party for the family, but the party spirit is somewhat dampened when they discover Sonny needs Helen's cace to leave town and has also tricked Honey out of all her savings by promising to take her with him, then abandoning her. Helen, however, is able to find a silver lining when she sees in Sonny's trouble with gangsters a way to get rid of Robert, who eerily resembles Sonny.
InformationAdult Themes
Cast4M 2F (minimum 6)
Gerald, a hardware store employee, 50s Helen, his wife, 50 Sonny, Helen's son by another marriage, 20s Honey, Helen's daughter, 20s Robert, played by the same actor portraying Sonny Mr. Brigham, Honey's 'client,' 30s
ProductionSingle set (kitchen area)
StatusAvailable for performance
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George Freek's plays have been produced in Chicago, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and New York, as well as by numerous colleges and high schools. He has received grants from the Illinois Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts and has served as Playwright-i-Residence at Southern Liinois UNiversity and Southern Methodist University. HIs play WAITING FOR JULIA has been published by Playscripts, Inc.. CONCERTO GROSSO has also been published by JAC Publishing and THE STRANGER IN STANLEY'S ROOM has been published by the Aviar Press.

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