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The Technology of Saints
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SynopsisA Professor is shopping for bedroom furniture, with an odd companion: a tape player. He plays the tape to himself while he shops, as sort of an hypnotic pep-talk; the voice on the player is his own voice, which the Professor has pre-recorded. However, the tape player takes on a life of its own, and forces the Professor to confronts his past transgressions, including his seduction of several young students.
Cast1 man, 1 woman. (minimum 2)
ProductionOne set.
StatusAvailable for performance
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Technology of Saints2000.DOCTue, 15th Nov 2005Available to print: £0.00Download here
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Doug Grissom is an American playwright based in Virginia. His plays have been produced in many regional theatres, including Theatre Virginia, the Source Theatre in Washington D.C., Mill Mountain Theatre, Venture Theatre (Philadelphia), and Main Street Theatre (Houston). His play DEEP DOWN played at the Intar Theatre in New York in 1998. He has won several awards, including the Virginia Playwriting Award (TOCOI LIGHT), Mill Mountain New Play Competition (NED & DANíS HISTORY EMPORIUM) and the Outstanding New Play Award at the Washington Theatre Festival (YEAR OF PILGRIMAGE). His educational theatre piece on acquaintance rape, BUT I SAID NO (co-written with Margaret Baldwin), has received national acclaim and has toured extensively for the last 10 years on college campuses. His most recent play, ELVIS PEOPLE, has had two successful regional theatre productions in 2006, and a New York premiere is scheduled for 2007.

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