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The Neea Room
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SynopsisThe core of the play is based on “The Royal Game” a short story by Stefan Zweig. It was the last work he completed before committing suicide in 1942. The original story takes place on a ship on which is travelling the World Chess Champion, Mirko Czentovic. He is an East European orphan brought up under the care of a local priest as he had nominally only the wits and sense of a simpleton, except by accident it is discovered Mirko is a Chess “genius”. At the first sign of wealth attined by playing chess he bites the hand of the priest who fed him and deserts the village that sustained him. Also on the ship is an Austrian who was captured after the Anschluss and imprisoned in solitary confinement by the Nazis to try and obtain secret information from him. To survive he re-plays games of chess in his mind with himself until it seems that he is able to see each and every game of chess imaginable. The two of them are drawn together for a game of chess. Written, as it was, by Zweig when his beloved Europe was solidly under the jackboot a game between low ugly cunning and cultured esoteric thinking, the game could have only one ending. Czentovic wins. For this play Stefan Zweig is inserted into his own story, which not only enhances the link between Zweig and his story but makes the story more human. The short story is opened up and expanded so that it makes a more complete entertainment on the stage. The other main character in the play is chess – a game where within forty moves for black and white there are more possible combinations of moves than there are atoms in the known universe.
Cast7m (minimum 5)
STEFAN ZWEIG - Aged sixty-one . JAMES CONNORS - Thirty-five year old American. ABE - Sharp New York Photographer. JULIUS BADEN - In his early forties . MIRKO CZENTGOVIC – Aged thirty. OTTO – Aged thirty FRITZ – Aged thirty.
StatusAvailable for performance
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I have had a couple of plays produced on the fringe in London. The last was Critics Choice in Time Out. I was also a runner up in a national plays for Children Award. I live in south London.

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