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'barabbus' (pinteresque/surreal) (CAN USE FREE OF CHARGE!)

'barabbus' is about an eastend ganster's wife who is visited by jesus. ...
Author: , Cast (at least 2): 1F 1MOne-Act.
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'bouncer' about a couples romance that turns very ugly in deed. ...
Author: , Cast: 1F 1MOne-Act.

'dont it make your brown eyes blue' (pintereresque/black comedy) (CAN USE FREE OF CHARGE!)

'dont it make you brown eyes blue' is about two men who have been realeased from a mental hospital and who live in a bedsit. ...
Author: , Cast (at least 2): 2M (or can be played by 2 females)One-Act.

'jesus christ' a musical

'jesus chirst' a musical is about the last seven days of jesus christ's life. ...
Author: , Cast (at least 17): 17One-Act.

'mr & mrs poorfamily' an alternative pantomine (CAN USE FREE OF CHARGE!)

'mr & mrs poorfamily is about a very poor family who win the lottery, act out thier fantasies, only to lose all thier winnings. but find true happiness within the family. ...
Author: , Cast (at least 9): 11Full-Length.

'mrs molly sweet' a musical' (CAN USE FREE OF CHARGE!)

'mrs molly sweet' a musical, is about how a woman gets over the death of her husband, has a happy ending. comes with backing tracks and guide vocal on cd. ...
Author: , Cast (at least 5): 5Full-Length.

'penny black' a musical (CAN USE FREE OF CHARGE!)

'penny black' a musical about a down trodden's woman's journey out of her failed marriage, to happiness. ...
Author: , Cast (at least 14): 14Full-Length.

'r & m forever' a musical, adaptation of "romeo & juliet" (CAN USE FREE OF CHARGE!)

musical adaptation of "romeo & juliet" set amongst the youth gangs of the inner-city. ...
Author: , Cast (at least 17): 17Full-Length.

'real love' a musical (CAN USE FREE OF CHARGE!)

'real love' about a young woman's struggle to get away from her aging mother, and find real love. 'real love' comes with backing tracks and guide vocals on cd (free of charge!) Also you can here some ...
Author: , Cast (at least 7): F3 M4Full-Length.

'rita & the muscle' (pinteresque) (CAN BE USED FREE OF CHARGE!)

'rita & the muscle' is about a prostitute who is goverend by her pimp son. ...
Author: , Cast (at least 2): 1F 1MOne-Act.
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'the indain punter' (black comedy) (CAN BE USED FREE OF CHARGE!)

'the indian punter' is about a prostitute who lives with her pimp. but when an indian punter arrives she wants to leave for india. ...
Author: , Cast (at least 2): 1F 1MOne-Act.

'the three lives of rita' (pinteresque) (CAN BE USED FREE OF CHARGE!)

'the three lives of rita' is about 3 sections of a prostitues life. ...
Author: , Cast (at least 3): 1F 3MOne-Act.
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'the writer' (CAN BE USED FREE OF CHARGE!)

'the writer' about a writer who lives with his nagging mother, and tries to write a romance novel. only to have the characters in his novel come alive. ...
Author: , Cast (at least 4): 3F 2MOne-Act.


'waste' is about a man's decline into drug addition. ...
Author: , Cast (at least 4): 4f 1mOne-Act.
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John collings Play writing experience. 1999 ATTENDED WRITERS WORKSHOP at Fairkytes Arts Centre Hornchurch, East Sussex. ATTENDED THEATRE WORKSHOP at the Queens Theatre Hornchurch, East Sussex. ONE ACT PLAY: ‘Kelly & Donald’ staged at the LOST YOUTH THEATRE, London. CO-FOUNDED ‘Second Chance’ COMMUNITY ART GROUP, Hornchurch, East Sussex. DIRECTED AND PRODUCED THE FOLLOWING OF MY PLAYS with ‘Second Chance‘: FULL LENGTH PLAY ‘Mary‘ ONE ACT PLAY ‘Kelly & Donald‘ 2001 Wrote & directed for ‘Second Chance’: MY ONE ACT PLAY ‘Wally Waster and the Clean up Fairy’ (environmental play for children) which was staged at “Planet Havering”, East Sussex. I also wrote and directed a video of ‘Wally Waster and the Clean up Fairy’ a environmental video. 2003 July 15-20 FULL LENGTH PLAY ‘waste’ PRODUCED by “Act Provocateur” at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre, London. Also part of my play ‘waste’ produced at The Contact Theatre, Manchester. 2007 Attended a workshop for play writing. FULL LENGTH MUSICAL 'mrs molly sweet' produced by Curtain Call Musical Productions in Brighton at the Sallis Benney Theatre & at the Underground Theatre Eastbourne, East Sussex, (to raise money for Macmillan cancer support). Musical produced again in 2008 in Brighton. 2008-til present day Started running fortnightly free workshops for budding playwrights ‘waste’ & ‘kelly & Donald’ produced on the Cambridge fringe by “naked stage”. 2009 MY ONE ACT PLAY: ‘Barabbas WINS “THE STEYNING PLAY FESTIVAL” (judged by Sir Arnold Wesker) Wrote a play for children entitled: ‘mr and mrs poorfamily’. Also wrote two musicals one entitled ‘penny black’ (which does not have music or a composer). and one entitled: ‘Jesus Christ the week of passion’ music composed by Zory Burner. Also wrote a short film script entitled: ’incy wincy spider’ which is being made into a film by a production company in Brighton, to be released at the end of 2010. 2010 Adapted “Romeo & Juliet” into a musical entitled: ’R & M Forever’, the musical is set amongst the youth gangs of the inner-city and is written in modern day English. 2011 ‘REAL LOVE STAGED! ‘INCY WICY SPIDER’ PUBLISHED WHICH CAN BEEN SEEN AT: OPERATING PRODUCTION

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